Winifred arrived somewhat unexpectedly; a very tiny little schnauzer in need of her forever home, following her rescue from a puppy farm by Friends of Animals Wales.  We were anticipating that she would be a bit like Mungo, and take time to come out of her shell – but after 36 hours she has already learned her name, how to do the stairs, emptied the toy box to discover the ones at the bottom, and which ones she likes best (the crinkly octopus, for sure), bounced Mungo out of bed so that she can play with him, and showed that she loves to chase a ball in the garden.  In fact, she’s discovering her delayed puppyhood, and she loves it!

Winifred is only two… she’d clearly had a litter not long before she was rescued, and we don’t know the reason why she was surrendered for rescue at this point – but we are very glad that she was.  Being so young, she doesn’t seem anywhere near as traumatised as Mungo; just a bit wary of us to begin with, but it didn’t take long before her innate joyfulness and lightness of spirit shone through.

We chose her name because she needed something that suited her grace and delicacy, and Winifred seemed to suit her.  The name means ‘joy and peace’, and St Winifred is also the patron saint of protection from unwanted advances, so it’s doubly perfect for a little ex-puppy farm girlie who is reclaiming her joyful birthright.

Winifred’s Teachings:

  • Welcome change without fear; stuckness brings pain and sorrow.
  • Be curious; investigate everything and don’t make assumptions.
  • Never be afraid to be your authentic self.

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