A new family member is soon to be arriving in our midst – our three canine members of staff are shortly to be enhanced by the addition of Poppy; a small Lhasa Apso of endearing temperament. The dogs teach me a lot about happiness; living in the moment as they do, they have an amazing talent for it. Even if they fall out with each other (and they occasionally do!), five minutes later they can be curled up in a basket together, oblivious of whatever it was that caused the disagreement. They accept each other, and us, completely unconditionally and it is without question a wonderful thing to have somebody so enthusiastically delighted to see you each time you walk through the door – even when you have only been gone a few minutes!
Everyone who comes into our life has something to teach us. Spend some time as the student of your dog and discover what can happen when you live in the moment; experiencing the world through the filters of boundless enthusiasm and unconditional acceptance!

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