We were granted the gift of a whole extra hour of weekend, thanks to the clocks changing, and I enjoyed Jim Connolly’s excellent blog on this subject yesterday.

Time is a precious commodity and, like water, we tend not to appreciate how precious until there is a shortage of it. Hugo is our oldest dog – at 14 we are now counting his remaining days like pearls slipping gently off a string. I’m not sure what happened to the tiny, fluffy soft-toy puppy we brought home in 1996, or where the glossy, energetic young dog has gone, who used to love the beaches in Guernsey. I remember walking along Vazon Bay one day and John saying he wished we could save a day of “young Hugo” to spend when he was old.

Hugo can no longer walk very far, but still enjoys a potter around the lawn and has a prodigious appetite for fallen apples, which he crunches up with tremendous satisfaction. He can no longer jump onto the sofa, but with a bit of assistance he can make it onto the furry beanbag which adapts itself very comfortably to his arthritic little body. Ensconced in front of the fire, he dreams dreams which make his feet twitch as if he’s running once more along Vazon beach – I think maybe he spends more time as “young Hugo” than we know.

Hugo’s Teachings:
  • Live in the moment – today is a gift (they say that’s why it’s called ‘the present’).
  • When you can no longer do what you used to do, find something better.
  • Even when you are old, the younger you is still in there – somewhere.
  • When life gives you an extra hour, spend it with someone you love.
  • The most important things in life are love, compassion and patience… always.

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    • Anonymous

      Nice – aw poor Mr Boo. The photo of him on my desk is of a young cheeky imp of a dog!

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