Lily, as her name suggests, is a white dog. Well, usually she is white, but occasionally some other colours creep in to add a little variety…

Last weekend John gave the lawn what was hopefully one of the last cuts of the season, but the grass was terribly wet and the mower left clumps of wet cut grass all over the lawn. The dogs were all very excited about the fact that we were in the garden and decided to have a very mad game of chase. When Lily came in, her feet were a bright, fluorescent green…

Another of Lily’s passions is coal – for some reason she adores it and can’t resist eating small pieces from the coal bucket (quite a feat if it’s a bit empty – she’s a small dog – we’ve just never had the heart to stop her!). Always a bit of a giveaway, however, when she wanders innocently into the office – with black whiskers and black tips to her ears…

Lily’s teachings:

  • Let go once in a while – forget about your appearance and have fun!
  • Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals (or coals, in Lily’s case), even if you might have to put up with others thinking you look stupid.
  • Sometimes things might have an alternative use which nobody else has considered.
  • Weirdness is what individuality is all about. You are always free to be weird whenever you want to be.

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