We’ve got the builders in, and the canine members of staff are really not amused…  Even though they have been here over a week now, the dogs still go mad every time one of the builders walks across the courtyard.  It’s a boundary issue, and nobody likes it when someone keeps crossing their boundaries.  I’ve had to draw all the curtains on that side of the house so the builders can come and go without the attendant chaos.

What do we do when someone crosses (or tries to cross) one of our own personal boundaries?  Do we make it known (however lovingly) that this is not acceptable, or do we keep the little yapping voice to ourselves, drawing across the curtain in order to keep the peace?

If you are finding yourself saying “yes” to others at the expense of saying “no” to yourself, perhaps it’s time to start listening to your inner dog…

2015-05-28 16.26.56

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