Moving Beyond Conflict

A small-group, 8-Module LIVE Online Programme with Joanna Taylor

Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author and Wellbeing Coach

Transform colleague relationships through the modality of Mindful Communication; discovering the key to conflict resolution and the power of connection through empathic presence. 

"From the moment people begin talking about what they need rather than what's wrong with one another, the possibility of finding ways to meet everybody's needs is greatly increased."

Marshall Rosenberg

Your Workplace Transformation...

Tension and conflict in the workplace are often cited as reasons for employee stress, leading to increased likelihood of absences from work, which in turn leads to greater tension amongst the remaining staff as workloads increase...  Individuals can suffer from reduced motivation, leading to poor decisions being made - mental health suffers; and this impacts the entire team, and possibly the customers, too...

Many employers offer help to their staff with stress management coaching, counselling and other resilience resources - but this is dealing with the symptom, rather than the cause...

There is another way...

Imagine a work environment where the individuals are able to connect with one another at a deeper level; bringing peace, understanding and cooperation, and thereby reducing the levels of stress and conflict...  Where people hear the underlying reason behind another's comments, rather than perceiving judgement, criticism and blame...

Effective, empathic and non-judgemental communication needs to be at the heart of our work, whatever our profession. Mindful Communication can equip us to recognise and express our own feelings and needs, and to hear the underlying unmet needs of others, often expressed in unuseful ways, such as anger, aggression or emotional manipulation. 

In our modern society, our language has developed in ways which do not lead us to express ourselves in a compassionate way to each other, and to ourselves. We have learned to subjugate, repress and conceal our feelings from ourselves and others, because to show emotion is perceived as somehow “wrong”; and therefore, because we do not show emotion to one another, our feelings are not validated, so we question our own feelings and experiences and do not give ourselves permission to feel whatever we are feeling. 

We are also encouraged from a young age to look after others’ needs at the expense of our own, and we therefore learn to ignore our own needs by “keeping the peace” for example, or “not being selfish”. Selfless devotion does indeed negate the self. There is a balance between Selfless and Selfish, and that is Self-Acceptance and Self-Care. 

When we don’t value our own needs, then others may not do so, either, which will lead us to feel angry. Until we can recognise and acknowledge our feelings, we cannot discover the unmet need that lies behind the feeling. It is therefore important for us to develop a vocabulary of feelings in order to identify and own our emotions, rather than using generalisations such as “good” or “bad”.

The solution lies in working beyond the symptom…

To support employers in creating more happy, peaceful and productive workplaces, I am offering the Mindful Communication Programme, to help you and your team learn a new way of connecting with one another, through understanding and empathy.

The course introduces the modality of Mindful Communication through the work of Marshall Rosenberg, Oren Jay Sofer and a variety of other psychotherapeutic models. During the eight week (12-hour) live online programme, we will explore how we can increase our ability to create meaningful connections, both with others and with ourselves, even in disagreement, and how we can empower others to do the same within their own relationships.

Aims and Objectives of the Programme:

  • To introduce some of the concepts of the therapeutic modality of Mindful or Nonviolent Communication (NVC).
  • To discover, through experiential learning and practise, how aspects of Mindful Communication can be invaluable in your own life and work.
  • To understand the causes of conflict and to explore how Mindful Communication can help us deal more effectively with it.
  • To learn the value of Mindful Communication for developing compassion, empathy and understanding for ourselves as well as for others.
  • To explore what can happen when the philosophy of Mindful Communication is accepted and implemented in your workplace.

What People are Saying About Joanna's Courses...


“Joanna’s workshops are informative, insightful and very inspiring. She creates a wonderful learning atmosphere and her style of delivery is creative, captivating and very alluring! 

I have found great value in attending all her workshops and they’ve enabled me to bring more awareness within myself and encouraged me to create my own personal toolkit of self therapy tools to elevate myself and my clients.”

Nerissa Dsouza

Yoga Advocate & Counsellor


“I am so happy to have found Joanna- her NVC courses have been absolutely invaluable in helping me to resolve disputes among work colleagues, and in finding solutions for anxious and disgruntled patients, while remaining calm and positive.

Joanna is a very supportive and instructive coach, with a huge amount of experience and study to back up her teaching, and a good deal of warmth and caring for her students.”

Ania Walisiewicz

Dental Surgeon


“Joanna is without doubt an EXCEPTIONAL trainer and therapist. She is a true 'word smith' bringing everything to life with rich and captivating stories. So much so that I was able not only to learn a new craft but make truly significant leaps in personal growth that healed many old wounds and awakened a much deeper, spiritual journey within myself. I will be forever grateful to her and highly recommend any course or therapy with her name on it!”

Heather Pentland

Clinical Hypnotherapist

"[Mindful Communication] reminds us that humans are meant to relate to one another. It helps us reframe how we express ourselves and hear others. Instead of automatic reactions, our words become conscious responses based on our awareness of what we are perceiving, feeling and needing. We are led to express ourselves with honesty and clarity, whilst simultaneously paying others a respectful and empathic attention. In any exchange, we listen for our own deeper needs, and those of others." 
- Marshall Rosenberg

What Participants Receive in This Programme...

  • Eight Live Teaching Sessions - 90 minute weekly live sessions with Joanna that are also recorded for ongoing access, and to ensure that nothing is missed.
  • 60-minute 1:1 Session with Joanna - a completely confidential session, which is not recorded, during which you are free to bring whatever you wish for discussion. 
  • Access to Your Own Mindful Communications Portal - Confidential access to your course materials, recordings and other resources.
  • Confidential Group - There will be a maximum of just 10 people in your programme, to ensure individual attention, and that the needs of each person in the group are met.
  • Stress Management Resources - Access to Joanna's relaxation recordings.
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook - The Mindful Communication workbook, containing exercises and resources to help you develop and practise your new way of communicating and understanding.
  • 12 Hours of CPD - This course is recognised by the Association for Coaching as part of their CPD Hours Scheme, and a certificate will be provided on completion of the programme.

What happens when we come to the end of our Eight-Week Programme?

An opportunity will be provided to take part in a group follow-up session a few weeks after the programme finishes, to catch up with fellow participants and to share and deepen new learnings.

The date of this session will be announced to suit the participants after the programme is completed.

About Joanna

Joanna Taylor is a UKCP Accredited Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapist, Wellbeing Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Author and Trainer.

Since 2009, Joanna has been providing personal and professional development courses, workshops and retreats, as well as working with individuals to help them improve their mental and emotional balance.

Joanna lives in the UK in rural North Yorkshire with her dentist husband, John, and four canine members of staff who all feature frequently in her blog, The Teachings of Dog. She is an international speaker and has had articles published in a number of dental and veterinary publications on the subject of stress and burnout.

She is a an accredited member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and a Fellow Member of the Association for Coaching (AC).

Please contact Joanna if you are interested in providing a Mindful Communication Programme in your workplace, and would like to discuss your needs.

Joanna Taylor & Associates

PO Box 551, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK  YO11 9JG

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+44 7968 738119

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